The Art of Living and the way to be free from all sufferings is the definitive goal taught by the Lord Buddha


Solar Project

The project consists of installing 83,701 watts of PV system. The 83.701 kilowatts of DC direct current power consist of 372 PV systems that will be installed on the temple’ roofs.

Upcoming Trip

October 29, 2022 to Idaho

Kratin and Ground Breaking for Main Hall CMM2 Buddhist Society of Idaho.
2702 Southside Blvd
Nampa, ID 83686

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We Practice Meditation to See the True Nature of Mind and Body.

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Las Vegas Sayadaw

The Story of Sayādaw U Zeyathuta
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Chaiya Meditation Monastery

7925 Virtue Ct,
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Chaiya Meditation Monastery is a distinctive Buddhist monastery located nearby the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA. Setting on approximately 3 acres, the monastery offers an ancient perspective on the practice of Theravada Buddhism in today’s world.

Everyone is welcome.

Buddhist Society of Idaho

2702 Southside Blvd,
Nampa, ID 83686

Buddhist Society of Idaho is a second location for the Chaiya Meditation Monastery, located in Nampa, Idaho.

Welcoming everyone.

Daily Meditation Classes

In Person or Online with Zoom

Biography of Master Chaiya

Venerable Ajahn Chaiya (or Sayādaw U Zeya), formerly known as U Zeyathuta was born on Tuesday, March 25,1947 in the devoted Buddhist family of U Myat and Daw Moon. He was the second son of five children.
He originally came from Si Paw Township, Shan State in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

In 1965, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya embraced the monastic life as a novice(sāmanera). He became fully ordained as a monk on May1, 1967.He graduate from Samgha University in 1977 and received the Master of Dharma degree (Dhammacariyā). During his academic years, he sojourned at various meditation centers during his summer breaks. Under the tutelage of prominent teacher (sayādaw) from Yangon and Mandalay, he had the deepest spiritual experience of his life.

Honored as an outstanding student, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya began teaching Dhamma one year before graduation from Samgha University. He also served as a teacher and lecturer at Lammadaw Thayet-taw Kyaung Talk for 13 years (1976-1988), where he was inspired by the monks, novices, and lay persons.

In 1988, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya was invited to Thailand by Phra Kru Vachirakitsophon at Wat Know Takrow, Ban Lame Province, Phetchaburi, Thailand. Five months after studying the Thai language, he started teaching Abhidhamma (Buddhist philosophy) in Thai to the monks and nuns at the temple.

Following one year in 1989, he moved to Sri Lanka o continue his study of Buddhism. In late 1990, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya accepted an invitation by Venerable Ajahn Panyavaro, Chief monk of Wat Buddhabhavana in North Las Vegas, Nevada, to travel to the United Stated for Buddhist missionary work.

After Ajahn Panyavaro passed away in 1992, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya served as abbot of Wat Buddhabhavana at the request of the Thai community. He taught meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and Buddhist practice at Wat Buddhabhavana from 1993-1995.
In 1995, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya discontinues serving as abbot of Wat Buddhabhavana so that he could undertake an intensive silent meditation retreat. However, members of the Las Vegas Buddhist community requested that he stay in Las Vegas, and they provided him a place for his silent meditation.

After seven months straight of his intensive silent meditation, members of the Las Vegas Buddhist community requested Venerable Ajahn Chaiya resume teaching Dhamma classes. With the help of the Las Vegas Buddhist community, he established Chaiya Meditation Monastery in 1995.

As part of his practice of meditation, Venerable Ajahn Chaiya continues to seclude himself for intensive meditation from July to October each year during the period referred to as Buddhist Lent.
Buddhist Lent is a tradition going back to the time of the Buddha, during which monastics limit their travel, seek seclusion, and intensify their meditation practice.

Today, Chaiya Meditation Monastery is home to a thriving Buddhist community. Located near the southwestern edge of Las Vegas, the monastery sits on about three acres of land. There are several residential buildings intended for use by monastic and lay practitioners who wish to come for short- or long-term meditation retreats.

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